[webkit-gtk] Matching WebKit/GTK version to Chrome version?

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Wed Oct 1 14:45:03 PDT 2014

Is there a list somewhere of approximately which Chrome version is
equivalent (in terms of HTML/CSS rendering) to each WebKit/GTK version?  (I
know they're technically different forks of WebKit, but I assume there is a
reasonably close correlation.)

At least in the older builds, I can find this out by looking at the
User-Agent string of a running browser, but I was hoping for something that
doesn’t require installing each version (or browsing its code).

I’m finding http://caniuse.com/ quite handy for working out which language
features are safe to use in various browsers.  Unfortunately it only lists
mainline browsers.

So I’m hoping there’s a table somewhere showing the Chrome version for each
WebKit/GTK version, or (since I’ve also found
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Chrome#Release_history), the base WebKit
version for each WebKit/GTK version.

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