[webkit-gtk] 2.4.3 git commit id

Manuel Rego Casasnovas rego at igalia.com
Wed Jul 2 02:10:35 PDT 2014

On 02/07/14 11:02, Gary Kratkin wrote:
> Hello, I’m trying to find the git commit for 2.4.3, which I understand to be svn r169338.  The git master branch contains commit 89bc814fd4ca9b59b971fd762a20ee52cece08f4 for r169335, and 9d04a1825cc1e2a93a9602b42d745acef5de8f45 for r169339, but nothing in between. Can someone please enlighten me?

That's in the stable branch, you can use the following commands to
download it:


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