[webkit-gtk] webkit_web_view_load_html ignores css files

sami wagiaalla swagiaal at redhat.com
Wed Jan 22 11:24:04 PST 2014

>> If this is a security setting is there a way to get notified of security
>> settings violations ?
> Yes, try opening the web inspector (right click -> inspect element) and
> you will be able to debug the problem. You can see the resources loaded,
> and the javascript warnings.

This was a great tip I should have tried it sooner.

I reproduced my problem with the Minibrowser and used the inspector. TI 
inspected the CSS file and saw Japanese or Chinese characters.

It turns out the issue is that when using webkit_web_view_load_html 
webkit expects the linked files to be UTF16 even if the default charset 
was set to utf8.

To test this I converted the included CSS file to UTF16 and everything 

Is this a bug or am I missing some setting somewhere ?


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