[webkit-gtk] WebKit2Gtk: Any plans to support Windows?

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Sun Jan 12 23:24:30 PST 2014

Quoth Jirí Janoušek:
> I've started to port my application to WebKit2Gtk (thanks to all people
> involved in this new port). Since my linux app uses JavaScriptCore a
> lot, it's heavily affected by the new two-process architecture and I've
> decided to rewrite it from scratch. I would like to make it also multi-
> platform (Linux & Windows for now) on this occasion, but I've discovered
> WebKit2Gtk hasn't support Windows* yet.
> Are there any plans to add Windows support in WebKit2Gtk?

While this doesn't really address your question, when I needed something WebKit-based on Windows not that long ago I used CEF / CefSharp.  (I looked at a few other alternatives but this seemed like the most fully-baked one.)

It's a fairly different animal, though at least the broad strokes are similar.

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