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I don't know about your particular use case, but I had similar need. I 
had actually sent couple questions to the list querying about same or 
similar things - accessing frame data early this year.

For us, it turned out to be more complex exercise than we initially 
anticipated to migrate from older version to newer version. It took some 
time to understand new web process model and reasoning behind it.

We actually had to write our extension and build secondary communication 
channel between web and ui process as each process has its own data and 
many times you need to access either piece. Simplest example will be 
writing a small tool that visits a page, wait for page load (UI 
functionality) and then sets color of an element which can be only done 
in web process since DOM access is available only in web processes.

After migration, I must admit I am happy with the results. Carols and 
other developers have done a great job in creating these releases.

The difference I see is that there two ways to use webkit gtk - as a 
tool or as browser. Tools need complex interactions between both 
processes. Extensions gives you that functionality, but then extensions 
need to have communication with main process. May be we can have API 
that allows communication between ui and web process. Example might be 
send this message to this extension. Then extensions won't have to build 
their own functionality and many of these problems can be solved by 
simple messages.



On 08/14/2014 07:56 AM, Carlos Garcia Campos wrote:
> El jue, 14-08-2014 a las 10:01 -0400, Victor Lucero escribió:
>> El 14-08-2014, a las 3:23, Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com>
>> escribió:
>>> El mié, 13-08-2014 a las 15:05 -0400, Victor Lucero escribió:
>>>> I just read the links you provided .
>>>> I now need to setup a extension to get access to the WebPage so i
>>>> can get access to the web frame an his js context.
>>>> thats nice but i also need access to all the frames in the current
>>>> page. will this be exposed in any way in the near future?
>>> There are no plans to expose it unless there's a real need. So, file
>>> a
>>> bug report and explain your use case there.
>>>> To me is very important because the kinds of tasks we produce are
>>>> inside the context of every frame.
>>> If we are talking about the WebExtensions API, things are easier
>>> because
>>> we already have a WebKitFrame object there.
>> That means that if We file a new bug asking for signal to get all the
>> frames may be a possibility?.
> Yes, file a bug report *and* explain your use case :-)
>> because I don’t mind writing as a WebExtension at all if its for the
>> sake of performance.
> It's not a matter of performance, it's because JavaScript context of a
> frame can't be accessed from the UI process, it lives in the Web
> process.
>>>> El 13-08-2014, a las 13:27, Sami Wagiaalla <swagiaal at redhat.com>
>>>> escribió:
>>>>>> in the prior version of webkitgtk api(version 1) i got all
>>>>>> these useful signals. but in api2 they are gone :(
>>>>>> does they exist inside Webkit2 and just aren’t exposed by the
>>>>>> Gtk api?
>>>>> Most are still present. Some have been renamed, and some have
>>>>> been moved to the core and can only be accessed through the
>>>>> extension architecture; details here [1].
>>>>> You can ask here, or look through the documentation index [2]
>>>>> for the specific signals you need.
>>>>> [1]
>>>>> http://blogs.igalia.com/carlosgc/2013/09/10/webkit2gtk-web-process-extensions/
>>>>> [2]
>>>>> http://webkitgtk.org/reference/webkit2gtk/stable/index-all.html
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