[webkit-gtk] Beginner issues building and using WebKitGTK

Gregory Pitts gregory.r.pitts at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 18:13:17 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I am entirely new to WebKit and GTK+, so I apologize in advance for the
basic questions. I've looked through the threads for the past year, combed
through everything I could find on the web, and spent a couple days now
trying to figure this out myself, so this is literally the last place I can

I am writing a cross platform application using GTK# that needs to be able
to render a basic webpage. The feature is mostly for displaying
documentation so I only need basic functionality. WebKitGTK seems like it
would work to render the page in my application, but I have limited
experience with these technologies. Can anyone confirm that this is
possible using GTK#?

Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to get it working at all. I've tried
downloading and compiling from the source and from the Tarball with no
success and it doesn't appear that there are any pre-built packages. My
question isn't about the build errors though, currently I'm just blocked by
version dependencies.

My real question is if any documentation exists on how to get started with
integrating WebKitGTK into my project. Specifically, I haven't been able to
find any documentation on how to get the Tarball ready to use or what to
actually do once it is ready. The README and INSTALL files inside the
Tarball are empty and the documentation just looks like the API

If anyone can point me to a previous thread that explains this, relevant
documentation, or give any explanation it would be greatly appreciated.

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