[webkit-gtk] Moving to the new inspector in 2.2?

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Sun Sep 15 04:25:02 PDT 2013

Hi all, 

this week we have moved to the new inspector in trunk (thanks Gustavo!),
and I was wondering whether we should merge the commit in the stable
branch or not. It's true that it's quite late in the release cycle (next
week is hard code freeze), but the patch is indeed pretty simple (mostly
Makefile changes) and we don't probably want to maintain a deprecated
web inspector for another 6 months. I've been playing with the new
inspector for a while and it works perfectly, the only regression I've
found is that it's not possible to dock the inspector again once
undocked. It seems that mac uses the window decoration for that, see the


And I don't think this is possible with x11, so we need to a find a way
to add the dock button to the main toolbar.

Another advantage of the move, is that we have changed the way inspector
resources are handled, by compiling them as GResources, which simplifies
the code a lot and resources are always available without having to run
make install or define environment variables. 

So, I'm all for merging the change in the stable branch before the 2.2
release. What do you think? Does anybody object?
Carlos Garcia Campos
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