[webkit-gtk] libwebkit2gtk and NTLM authentication

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Thu Oct 17 01:02:10 PDT 2013

El mié, 16-10-2013 a las 22:17 +0300, Toni Koski escribió:

> Thank you guys! 
> Works like a charm :-)

Great to know it works.

> Added  soup_session_add_feature_by_type(session, SOUP_TYPE_AUTH_NTLM);
> in ResourceHandleSoup.cpp and recompiled libsoup with ntlm-auth.
> This is fine for me until it is official provided by libwebkit.

So, I guess we need to expose API to allow the user enable this feature
as Brian suggested. I think adding a new method to WebKitWebContext
makes sense, because other global network options are handled this way
(cookies, icon database, security manager, cache model, disk cache,

> /toni

Carlos Garcia Campos

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