[webkit-gtk] libwebkit2gtk and NTLM authentication

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Wed Oct 16 02:38:48 PDT 2013

El mié, 16-10-2013 a las 12:18 +0300, Toni Koski escribió:
> Hello Webkits,
> I try to implement NTLM authentication with webkit2gtk (2.2.0).
> There can be found: "WEBKIT_AUTHENTICATION_SCHEME_NTLM = 5" from the 
> WebKitAuthenticationScheme.
> However, I can't catch The "authenticate" -signal in case of NTLM. It 
> seems to work fine at least with BASIC and DIGEST -authentications.

According to libsoup API docs, NTLM authentication is not enabled by
default and the feature should be added to the session explicitly. I
don't think we are doing that in WebKit, so I guess we don't support
NTLM authentication at the moment.

Dan, is this right?

Carlos Garcia Campos

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