[webkit-gtk] Set proxy for webprocess

Egor Egorov me at egorfine.com
Tue Oct 1 01:53:20 PDT 2013

On 2013-10-01, at 12:39 PM, Mario Sanchez Prada <mario.prada at samsung.com> wrote:

>> How do I set network proxy in WebProcess?
>> I have tried to set SOUP_SESSION_PROXY_URI for
>> WebCore::ResourceHandle::defaultSession() both in
>> WebProcess::initializeWebProcess()  and in WebProcessMainGtk() and yet
>> it did not work. I ended up doing setenv("http_proxy", "...") in
>> initializeWebProcess() which seems to work, but not that I am
>> completely comfortable with that solution.
>> And yes, I need to set proxy in WebProcess, because I am spawning a few
>> of them, all with different proxies.
> The WebProcess should pick up already the proxy settings that you have in
> your system since that's handled at the libsoup/glib-networking level,
> through libproxy IIRC.


Thank you for an extensive answer, esp. the dbus part!

However I was looking into settings proxy programmatically per each WebProcess independently. And I have found out that setting SOUP_SESSION_PROXY_URI in various places in code is ignored which left me wondering why is that so. 

And yes, libsoup is almost latest (2.43.92), and other packages in the OS are the most recent. 

Again, setting http_proxy env variable from within WebProcess works, but that is clearly a hack. Why is SOUP_SESSION_PROXY_URI ignored on default libsoup session?...

Egor Egorov

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