[webkit-gtk] stuck at WEBKIT_LOAD_PROVISIONAL

nn6eumtr nn6eumtr at gmail.com
Fri Nov 8 16:52:51 PST 2013

Every once in a while I try to load a web page and it never gets past 
WEBKIT_LOAD_PROVISIONAL status. My goal with using webkit directly is 
automation and I'm wondering what the best way to deal with this 
situation is. I'm thinking that if I stay in provisional state for 
thirty seconds then I should do webkit_web_view_stop_loading followed by 
webkit_web_view_reload and maybe give up after three iterations of the 
loop. Is there a better way?

What about things like ajax that occur after we reach the finished state 
-- Whats the best way to deal with those when they don't complete on 
time? For the ajax case I'm currently keeping a counter of pending 
requests and if it doesn't reach zero after thirty seconds then I do 
webkit_web_view_stop_loading, set the pending request counter back to 
zero, and continue on. Is there a better method?

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