[webkit-gtk] Handling the run-file-chooser signal

Mario Sanchez Prada mario.prada at samsung.com
Tue Nov 5 01:24:44 PST 2013

> [...]
> > I've made some progress - it appears that initially I wasn't waiting
> > long enough for the page to load and draw. I am now using a function
> > that spins in the event loop for X seconds (which I want anyway to
> > pace my interaction with the web servers), and that got things to the
> > point where I can "click" on the control and get the run-file-chooser
> > signal to fire.
> Ah, yes... you need to wait for the web page to load before you can use
> that signal, that's right.

Another option here, instead of spinning the event loop for X seconds, is
that you connect to the "load-changed" signal and wait until you receive it
with the LOAD_FINISHED type of event attached.

Again, no idea how to do that in Perl, just yet another piece of advice, in
case it helps :)


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