[webkit-gtk] Selective blocking of image requests

Peter Bloomfield peterbloomfield at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 24 17:47:58 PDT 2013

Dear List,

I'm exploring porting an email agent from Webkit-1-Gtk to Webkit-2-Gtk.  An important privacy issue for users is to control the download of images or other resources from untrusted hosts.  In Webkit-1-Gtk we could use the "resource-request-starting" signal to intercept the request, and replace the URI with "about:blank" to postpone the download.  In Webkit-2-Gtk, "resource-load-started" appears to be the corresponding signal, but changing the URI in the WebKitURIRequest with webkit_uri_request_set_uri does not prevent the download.

Does the Webkit-2-Gtk API offer a way to intercept the request in time to replace the URI?

Thanks for any help!

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