[webkit-gtk] WebKitTestRunner is too flaky.

Chang Wan Hong cwhong at company100.com
Sun Jul 7 19:13:52 PDT 2013

Hi. Webkitten.

I've been working on LayoutTests, and I found out that WebKitTestRunner
sometimes crashes.

For example, at master branch, "Tools/Scripts/new-run-webkit-tests -2 --gtk
dom" almost always pass all the test cases. However, sometimes it crashes
like below.
[79/2658] dom/html/level2/html/AppletsCollection.html failed unexpectedly
(WebKitTestRunner crashed [pid=31224])

2657 tests ran as expected, 1 didn't:

However, "Tools/Scripts/new-run-webkit-tests -2 --gtk
dom/html/level2/html/AppletsCollection.html" has never been failed. The
test case is not flaky.
Even if I remove above test case, I always see another test case crashing
when running "Tools/Scripts/new-run-webkit-tests -2 --gtk dom".
This situation is not restricted to dom test cases. When running
new-run-webkit-tests in a collection (more than 1000 test cases), you can
reproduce this situation.

To debug, I set my environment like below.
Crash log for WebKitTestRunner (pid 3347):

Coredump core-pid_3347-_-process_WebKitTestRunner not found. To enable
crash logs:

- run this command as super-user: echo
"/home/jourmoon/Coredumps/core-pid_%p-_-process_%e" >
- enable core dumps: ulimit -c unlimited
- set the WEBKIT_CORE_DUMPS_DIRECTORY environment variable: export

STDERR: <empty>

With this environment, if WebKitWebProcess is crashed, coredump of
WebKitWebProcess is created. However, coredump of WebKitTestRunner is not
created when it crashes.

So, my questions are :
1. Why does the test framework sometimes crashes?
2. How can I get coredump of WebKitTestRunner?
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