[webkit-gtk] Please let me know how to get height, width of given css selector(Dom Element) in Webcore/Css folder

85.mukesh 85.mukesh at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 20:38:25 PST 2013

 Hi All,

*A**s per the given code snippet  *

<body onload="init()">

                        <canvas id="canvas" width="100"

                        <div id="*container*"  >



                                                <p>No 1 A 2D Physics Engine
for Games!</p>



var domObj = $("#container div");

var width = domObj.width() / 2 ;

var height = domObj.height() / 2

As per the given above scenario, collecting the width and height of given
selector using JQuery and it’s also very simple to understand. When I am
debugging it, I came to know that JQuery, extracting the height and width
from CSS only.

Problem Statement: I want to get the height and width of given element
(Selector) directory from webcore/css/ (Expected directory in webkit). I
don’t want to use any king of JQuery to get height, width of element.
Please let me know, from which file in css director(guessing), I can get
same info as JQuery is proving.

Thanks & Regards,

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