[webkit-gtk] error in webkit gtk 2.2.3 stable version compilation

Niranjan Rao nhrdls at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 15:59:36 PST 2013

I am also facing problems building 2.2.3 build on Ubuntu 12.04. Its 
possible that my error is totally unrelated to this one.

I have compiled/installed following libraries and are setup using 
PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

atk-2.11.4  at-spi2-atk-2.11.3  at-spi2-core-2.11.3  glib-2.36.1 
glib-networking-2.36.1  gst-plugins-base-1.0.3  gstreamer-1.0.3 
gtk+-3.6.4  harfbuzz-0.9.16  libsoup-2.42.2

Configure is run as follows, $FP_BUILD_ROOT is set to my install directory.

./configure --prefix=$FP_BUILD_ROOT --enable-gtk-doc=no 
--enable-gtk-doc-html=no  --enable-gtk-doc-pdf=no --enable-webkit1=no 
--enable-credential-storage=no --enable-debug-symbols=full

Configure does not complain about anything and terminates normally.

However when running make command I get following error

CDPATH="${ZSH_VERSION+.}:" && cd . && aclocal-1.14 -I Source/autotools
Source/autotools/FindDependencies.m4:95: warning: macro 
'AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0' not found in library
  cd . && automake-1.14 --foreign
CDPATH="${ZSH_VERSION+.}:" && cd . && autoconf
configure:16705: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0
       If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
       See the Autoconf documentation.
configure:17032: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR
configure:17034: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_WARN
make: *** [configure] Error 1


On 12/17/2013 04:35 AM, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> Em Ter, 2013-12-17 às 11:21 +0100, Sergio Villar Senin escreveu:
>>> You're using a gles 2.0 library. With this patch (which I need to upstream) it
>>> is solved:
>>> https://gist.github.com/ceyusa/8002563
>> Actually in that patch you can even get rid of the PLATFORM(QT) since
>> it's no longer in the tree.
> This fixes this problem for future tarballs:
> 	https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125782
> Cheers,

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