[webkit-gtk] Webkit seizes sound device

Philippe Normand philn at igalia.com
Sun Dec 1 07:44:22 PST 2013

Which website are you trying to visit exactly?

The webaudio setting would be useful only for websites using the
WebAudio API... Anyway, WebAudio is not even enabled in the build yet so
this setting has no effect at all.

Which version of the webkitgtk package are you using exactly?
Can you test the latest stable release?


On Sat, 2013-11-30 at 10:00 -0700, Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> Apologies to those who have seen this message on the webkit mailing list.  I 
> erroneously subscribed to that list before understanding that I should have 
> subscribed to this one.
> When I visit a web page that wants to play a sound, webkit opens the sound 
> device and never lets go of it until I navigate away from the page.  I would 
> like for webkit not to open the sound device (and to ignore any play request, 
> obviously).  Is there a way to tell webkit globally that it should ignore all 
> sounds and never, ever open the sound device?
> I am on Lubuntu 12.04.  webkit appears to be 1.0.
> I found the enable_webaudio property in WebSettings.  It seemed as if it would 
> solve my problem, but it was already at its default value (False).
> I tried changing some settings in dconf-editor:
> org | gnome | desktop | media-handling | autorun-never -> ticked
> org | gnome | desktop | media-handling | autorun-x-content-ignore -> 
> ['audio/ogg']
> desktop | gstreamer | 0.10 | default-elements | {chat,music,sounds}-audiosink 
> -> fakesink
> all to no avail.  Any suggestions?  My best idea at this point is to filter the 
> <audio></audio> item out of the html, but I think that's a pretty bad idea.
> Jeff
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