[webkit-gtk] GtkLauncher with custom FreeType library...

Gustavo Noronha Silva gns at gnome.org
Fri Apr 19 12:02:13 PDT 2013


On Seg, 15 Abr, 2013 at 9:35 , Rob Anderson <pestywebkit at yahoo.com> 
> ~/src/WebKitBuild/Dependencies/Source/freetype-2.4.2
> and ran make without any errors.  Now, I want WebKit's tools 
> (GtkLauncher/MiniBrowser) to pickup these changes, but I am not sure 
> what needs to change for it to pick them up.  If I run gdb and look 
> at the loaded libraries, I notice that GtkLauncher uses the system 
> version of freetype.
> I am relatively new to WebKit development, so I am not sure what 
> needs to change in the WebKit Build process to pick up my library.
> Thanks in advance for any help in this area.
You need to run make install on freetype, and to make sure the jhbuild 
built libraries are used you need to run it like this, if you are 
inside the WebKitBuild/Release or WebKitBuild/Debug directory:

./../Tools/jhbuild/jhbuild-wrapper --gtk run ./Programs/GtkLauncher

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