[webkit-gtk] hi, I am newbie, bring one question here

Eric Gregory eric at yorba.org
Tue May 22 11:17:07 PDT 2012

On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 7:58 PM, Tang Daogang <daogangtang at gmail.com> wrote:

> but what's the meaning of '*outside* the browser', you mean we can install
> many language's interpreters in the plugin form to chrome/firefox? And use
> these plugins to execute the language code (other than javascript) in each
> pages? This plugin call webkit's function by GObject introspection. Then,
> we can even use c code to accelerate web app!

Not sure I understand.  Yes, in theory you could make this a plug-in
architecture, but it would only work in WebKitGTK-based browsers.  Chrome
and Firefox are not WebKitGTK-based, so it's very unlikely they would ever
be able to support such a thing.

Also, if you want to run C code for your web apps, I'd recommend you look
into ActiveX.  The severe security issues in ActiveX should be enough to
scare you away from that idea!

  - Eric
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