[webkit-gtk] Using webCore Without WebKit

Sandesh A M Rao (RBEI/ECG1) Sandesh.AM.Rao at in.bosch.com
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Hi Jay,

Does it mean that Webit2 is platform/Toolkit/port independent?
We can use the API provided by webkit2 by any UI Tool widget to render web content?
Is there any dependency on the Graphics rendering engine, because WebKit uses Cairo as the native backend graphics rendering library.
please clarify.

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you can use webcore without webkit. webcore is independent module. there is api exposed in webkit2 for webcore. these api can help
you to use in your application.

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I am new to the Browser application using WebKit.We have a requirement to implement a browser application in our project.
The Target is a IMX6 board.
We are using a 3D UI development tool called CGI Studio. It uses a 3D Engine called Candera for rendering.
Currently i am analyzing the WebKit for GTK+.

I wanted to know if we can use the WebCore alone instead of using the complete WebKit for implementing the Browser Application.

Is it possible to use WebCore without WebKit ?

Please also let me know if I need any other aspects which I have to consider.


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