[webkit-gtk] Saving a cairo PDF surface doesn't store text in vectorial format

Emmanuel Rodriguez emmanuel.rodriguez at gmail.com
Wed May 9 21:30:53 PDT 2012


In the past I was able to grab a webkitgtk screenshot in PDF using a
cairo pdf surface without any problems, this was with Ubuntu 11.10 and
the stock version of gtk3. Now that I have updated my system to the
latest ubuntu (12.04) and using the provided versions of webkitgtk
(1.8.0) and gtk3 I'm experiencing some problems, specially with the
quality of the PDF

Before the PDF that was generate was a PDF with vectorial text. Text
elements could be selected with the mouse and copied to the clipboard.
Zooming was working fine thanks to the vectorial fonts. Now the PDFs
are composed of static images, even the text is rendered as an image.

I tried using webkitgtk1.8.1 and I still have the same results. The
PDF documents are now composed of a huge bitmap image instead of

I don't know if the problem is with webkitgtk, gtk3 or cairo or some
other library. Since compiling webkitgtk takes so much time I'm asking
for help. Someone knows why my PDFs are no longer storing text in a
vectorial format?

I have a attached a C99 sample program that I compile with:
cc -std=c99 -o screenshot screenshot.c `pkg-config --cflags --libs
webkitgtk-3.0 cairo-pdf`

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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