[webkit-gtk] Improving WebKit Printing

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Tue Mar 20 08:30:16 PDT 2012

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 5:20 AM, Milian Wolff <milian.wolff at kdab.com> wrote:

> https://github.com/KDAB/phantomjs/blob/improve-printing/deploy/qt-
> patches/4.8/0007-improve-printing-of-tables.patch
> The above patch(set) improves the printing of tables greatly (imo), such that
> page breaks are avoided in table rows. Furthermore, <thead> and <tfoot>
> sections are repeated on every page that the table spans on printing. As far
> as I could see so far, both is not yet fixed/improved in WebKit master and
> hence I'd like to try to upstream this patches, i.e.: a review would be
> welcome. And as I said before, I should try to write a unit test for this, but
> so far haven't found out how.

Hey Millian,

Your changes are not platform-specific, so the webkit-dev list might
be a better venue. For printing tests, check out the layout tests in
LayoutTests/printing. The approach I would take is to create bugs for
all the patches and issues you have at http://bugs.webkit.org and CC
people who have been doing work on printing (you can take a look at
the history of the files you've changed).

Thanks for your work!


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