[webkit-gtk] [WK2] Implementing new API for spell checking in WebKit2GTK+

Mario Sanchez Prada msanchez at igalia.com
Fri Jun 29 05:52:55 PDT 2012


This is a brief mail to let you that I already started working in the
spell checking new API for WebKit2GTK+, as it's part of the roadmap
defined at [1].

As I'm leaving on holidays today and would like to leave things in shape
so people can give feedback in the meanwhile if willing to, I've already
filed a bug in WK's bugzilla with a a proposal to implement this, and
I've also attached a patch there implementing such proposal.

The patch is not complete yet, though (no unit tests, wrong docs...) but
I hope it's a nice start point. Check it out here:


So that's it. Just leave your feedback here or in the bugzilla, although
I'd say the later would be better.

See you in two weeks!

[1] http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKitGTK/WebKit2Roadmap

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