[webkit-gtk] webkit-gtk build error on OS X 10.7 Lion

Timo Dörr timo at latecrew.de
Tue Jun 5 09:22:30 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I am working as a google summer of code student this year to improve  
banshee media player on OS X. I'd therefore wanted to compile latest  
webkit-gtk (1.8.1) from source on my OS X 10.7 Lion machine, but fail at  
the build stage:

     + make -j2
   GEN    DerivedSources/WebCore/idl_supplemental_dependencies
   GEN    DerivedSources/webkit/webkitdom.h
   GEN    DerivedSources/webkit/webkitdomdefines.h
   GEN    stamp-webkitmarshal.cpp
   GEN    stamp-webkitmarshal.h
i686-apple-darwin11-llvm-gcc-4.2: warning: '-x c++' after last input file  
has no effect
i686-apple-darwin11-llvm-gcc-4.2: no input files
Can't call method "fileName" without a package or object reference at  
Source/WebCore/bindings/scripts/IDLParser.pm line 112.
make: *** [DerivedSources/WebCore/idl_supplemental_dependencies] Error 1

I've found via google that someone else already had the same error and  
posted it at the webkit-help mailinglist, but without responses:  

Here are the params I use with the configure script:

--disable-video --disable-geolocation --disable-xslt --with-target=quartz  
--with-gtk=2.0 --disable-gtk-doc

and the configure report:

WebKit was configured with the following options:

Build configuration:
  Enable debugging (slow)                                  : no
  Compile with debug symbols (slow)                        : no
  Enable debug features (slow)                             : no
  Enable GCC build optimization                            : yes
  Code coverage support                                    : no
  Unicode backend                                          : icu
  Font backend                                             : freetype
  Optimized memory allocator                               : yes
  Accelerated Compositing                                  : no

  WebGL                                                    : no
  Blob support                                             : yes
  DOM mutation observer support                            : no
  DeviceOrientation support                                : no
  Directory upload                                         : no
  Fast Mobile Scrolling                                    : no
  JIT compilation                                          : autodetect
  Filters support                                          : yes
  Geolocation support                                      : no
  JavaScript debugger/profiler support                     : yes
  Gamepad support                                          : no
  MathML support                                           : yes
  Media source                                             : no
  Media statistics                                         : no
  MHTML support                                            : no
  HTML5 channel messaging support                          : yes
  HTML5 meter element support                              : yes
  HTML5 microdata support                                  : no
  Page Visibility API support                              : no
  HTML5 progress element support                           : yes
  HTML5 client-side session and persistent storage support : yes
  SQL client-side database storage support                 : yes
  HTML5 datagrid support                                   : no
  HTML5 data transfer items support                        : no
  HTML5 FileSystem API support                             : no
  Quota API support                                        : no
  HTML5 sandboxed iframe support                           : yes
  HTML5 video element support                              : no
  HTML5 track element support                              : no
  Fullscreen API support                                   : yes
  Media stream support                                     : no
  Icon database support                                    : yes
  Image resizer support                                    : no
  Link prefetch support                                    : no
  Opcode stats                                             : no
  Shadow DOM support                                       : yes
  SharedWorkers support                                    : yes
  Color input support                                      : no
  Speech input support                                     : no
  SVG support                                              : yes
  SVG fonts support                                        : yes
  Web Audio support                                        : no
  Web Sockets support                                      : yes
  Web Timing support                                       : no
  Web Workers support                                      : yes
  XSLT support                                             : no
  Spellcheck support                                       : yes
  Animation API                                            : no
  RequestAnimationFrame support                            : yes
  Touch Icon Loading support                               : no
  Register Protocol Handler support                        : no
  WebKit2 support                                          : no
  WebKit2 plugin process                                   : no

GTK+ configuration:
  GTK+ version                                             : 2.0
  GDK target                                               : quartz
  Hildon UI extensions                                     : no
  GStreamer version                                        : 0.10
  Introspection support                                    : no
  Generate documentation                                   : no

Any help on that issue greatly appreciated!

Timo Dörr

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