[webkit-gtk] SSL handshake failed

Grant Gayed Grant_Gayed at ca.ibm.com
Tue Jan 10 13:55:46 PST 2012

Hi all,

I have a question regarding handling of invalid certificates (expired, 
etc.).  Prior to WebKitGTK 1.6.x the default behavior seemed to be to just 
proceed silently whenever an invalid certificate was encountered.  However 
I'm now using WebKitGTK 1.6.1 on Fedora 16 and find that navigating to a 
page with an invalid certificate simply sets the browser content to "SSL 
handshake failed" with no opportunity to proceed.

I've read that libsoup has made changes in this area (not sure how recent 
they were).  I tried setting the SoupSession's "ssl-strict" property to 
false, but this did not change anything.  Can someone tell me if there's 
anything I should be doing at the WebKitGTK level to make it possible to 
proceed whenever an invalid certificate is encountered?  Or does this live 
solely in libsoup?  Ultimately we will show the user a prompter with the 
certificate info, but as an initial step I'd like to revert to the old 
behavior of just silently allowing the navigate to proceed.

Thank-you in advance,
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