[webkit-gtk] WebKit2 FullScreen API

Martin Robinson martin.james.robinson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 09:10:45 PST 2012

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 8:48 AM, Philippe Normand <philn at igalia.com> wrote:

>> 2. The client should be able to block fullscreen requests and perhaps
>> even ask the user and go fullscreen asynchronously.
> The blocking is indeed easy to implement for the client and it can also
> ask the user's feedback but this would be synchronous, I think. The
> entering-fullscreen signal handler could display a GTK dialog and ask
> user input but this would block the signal emitter.

I wonder if the asynchronous behavior could be supported by blocking
the signal up-front, asking the user and then manually firing the
signal from the client-side? Thoughts?

> As you asked off-list, I'll have a look at implementing those 2 signals
> for WebKit1 too, if it's not too much work.

I don't think it should be a blocker, but I've found it useful for
ensuring proper separation-of-concerns. For instance, the
FullScreenController could live in WebCore and be shared between
WebKit1 and WebKit2. We use this pattern a lot already.


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