[webkit-gtk] WebKit1, Gtk2 and black squares around widgets

Martin Schlemmer Martin.Schlemmer at nwu.ac.za
Fri Aug 10 04:57:55 PDT 2012


Since 1.6.[23] I have been seeing black boxes around widgets like attached screenshot, and it is still present in 1.8.[12] and 1.9.[56]. This is on Win32 for me, but from #79680 it seems its not limited to Win32.

I have searched as best I could, but the only references I could find is:


With Gtk3 this is a not a problem. Also as 1.2.x is fine (and I think 1.4.x), but as we need Introspection support for DOM, earlier versions are not an option.

As I am not largely familiar with the WebKit codebase, any pointers where to start looking will be appreciated.


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