[webkit-gtk] rendering browser on offscreen surface/window

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Wed Aug 8 02:27:11 PDT 2012

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 10:48 AM, Prasanta Sadhukhan
<psadhukhan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks  for your reply..
> I am new to gtk+ programming so I probably will miss some code which are
> obvious to gtk experts.
> I modified the code to include the offscreen window realizing but still it
> does not display the webpage.
> Here's the modified code snippet (other code remain same as previous mail).
> I tried different ways (commented out code) but still the webpage is not
> displayed. Can anyone suggest what else I need to do to display offscreen
> contents (webpage) in main window?

The code that you have pasted, seems to assume that realization and
loading happen synchronously, when in reality they happen
asynchronously. You should probably attach callbacks to the relevant
signals and only try to get the WebView snapshot afterward. Note, that
these are just issues that I'm spotting glancing at your code. I can't
guarantee that things will work after just fixing these problems.

A lot of the information I'm providing can be found by looking through
the GTK+ reference documentation and blog posts like these:

* http://blog.yorba.org/jim/2010/10/those-realize-map-widget-signals.html
* http://webkitgtk.org/reference/webkitgtk/stable/webkitgtk-webkitwebview.html#WebKitWebView--load-status


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