[webkit-gtk] Hiring: Intel JR & SR Developers Anywhere - Architect Levels Available - HTML5 - Webkit

John Polhill johnx.polhill.iii at intel.com
Mon Apr 16 12:58:18 PDT 2012

send resume with salary requirements & preferred location.
** JR developers locations could be more limited until ramp-up **

We’re Intel’s Open Source Technology Center (OTC) and if you are a
WebKit expert, we should talk.   The Open Web Platform is
content authors into application developers.  We think this is a very big deal 
and is only possible because of your work, and Intel’s work to advance Moore’s 
Law.  If you want a front-row seat at the greatest technology show on earth, 
if you want to see what the 2015 platform is going to look like three years 
before the rest of the world, and if you want to influence how that platform 
runs HTML5 and JavaScript, then you should work here.

But here can be virtually anywhere, because Intel has engineers working in 
open source across the globe.
Intel understands open source, and have been working in the community for well 
over a decade.  We contribute across a wide range of open source projects at 
all levels of the software stack from BIOS up through applications.  OTC 
develops Linux-based mobile operating
systems and applications.   OTC has some of the best and brightest
software engineers and we’re leaders in and sponsor a wide variety of open 
source projects.

We are looking for developers with intimate knowledge of the WebKit source 
code, especially those who are already WebKit contributors and reviewers.  We 
require that our engineers know how to interact positively with the community 
to ensure code is developed in an acceptable manner and adopted in upstream 
community projects where appropriate.  In this role you would demonstrate a 
high level of initiative, an ability to assume ownership of major areas, and 
would establish Intel’s technical direction.  We think code speaks the 
loudest, but you need to communicate effectively in prose as well, across 
multiple geographies.

Your job at Intel would be to:
- Improve various web technology implementations: WebKit, JavaScript engines, 
- Implement and debug features on multiple platforms, both mobile and non-
mobile, and across multiple OS’s including standard Linux, Windows, Mac OS X 
and Android.
- Work in and contribute to the WebKit open source project and community
- Represent Intel at WebKit developer conferences, standards bodies and 
technical events
- Profile and improve WebKit performance on both non-mobile and mobile 
- Research new software development concepts
- Design and review new APIs and framework features
BS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 4 
years of experience or an MS/PhD degree with at least 3 years of experience 
(or equivalent).
-3+ years of experience with WebKit source code years of Open Source 
-3+ project knowledge experience years of experience developing 
-3+ applications for mobile and non-
mobile platforms
-3+years of hands on experience and knowledge of OpenGL ES & 2D/3D
-3+ years of programming skills in C/C++ years of experience with 
-3+ explaining and presenting technical
-3+ years of experience with one or more of the following is
       WebCore architecture
       HTML page loading, parsing, rendering
       WebKit2 less than 3 yrs
       HTML5 less than 3 yrs
       JavaScript engines
       OpenGL and/or WebGL
       Network programming, profiling and optimization
       Audio & Video streaming
       Web standards
send resume with salary requirements & preferred location.
** JR developers locations could be more limited until ramp-up **

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