[webkit-gtk] enable-plugins settings property seems inverted

Manuel Quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Thu Apr 12 05:35:16 PDT 2012


I can't see plugins by default, although the default for
enable-plugins property of WebKitWebSettings is true.  But I found
that if I set enable-plugins to false, then I can see them (a youtube
video for example), and if I set it to True, I can't.

Also in Epiphany, if I uncheck "Enable plugins" in Preferences, only
then I can see plugins.

Here is a test with python introspection bindings:


This happens to me in Fedora 17 with webkitgtk 1.8.0, and in Fedora 16
with webkitgtk-1.6.1.


.. manuq ..

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