[webkit-gtk] NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse in WebKit2 API

Dan Winship danw at gnome.org
Tue Nov 15 06:15:12 PST 2011

On 11/15/2011 05:46 AM, Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
> En 15/11/11 11:08, Carlos Garcia Campos escribiu:
>> I'm currently working on downloads API for WebKit2 and I need to expose
>> NetworkResponse which is not wrapped in WebKit2 API yet. In WebKit1 we
>> have WebKitNetworkRequest and WebKitNetworkResponse, which are mostly
>> the same because a SoupMessage represents both a request and response.
>> So, both NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse are just a URI and a
>> SoupMessage. Thinking about how to expose them in WebKit2 API several
>> ideas came to my mind:
> In general I'd avoid exposing the SoupMessage basically because ideally
> we will not need it in the future as it would become just an
> implementation detail of the new libsoup stream API.

I think SoupMessage will still be around... we need somewhere to store
all the parsed information (headers, etc). (Although I guess we could
just add methods to SoupRequestHTTP?)

But anyway, SoupMessage only exists for HTTP anyway; you should expose
the SoupRequest object instead so the API works for other types too. And
if it's a SoupRequestHTTP then the caller can get the SoupMessage from
that. (Maybe there could be a WebKitNetworkRequest/Response helper
method to get the SoupMessage directly too I guess.)

> SoupMessage returns a SoupURI
> which is not so convenient to use, because you need to call
> soup_uri_to_string() which returns a new allocated string.

We could add "const char *soup_request_get_uri_as_string()" if that
would be useful.

-- Dan

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