[webkit-gtk] NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse in WebKit2 API

Carlos Garcia Campos cgarcia at igalia.com
Tue Nov 15 02:08:14 PST 2011

I'm currently working on downloads API for WebKit2 and I need to expose
NetworkResponse which is not wrapped in WebKit2 API yet. In WebKit1 we
have WebKitNetworkRequest and WebKitNetworkResponse, which are mostly
the same because a SoupMessage represents both a request and response.
So, both NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse are just a URI and a
SoupMessage. Thinking about how to expose them in WebKit2 API several
ideas came to my mind:

 - Since both are the same because they contain a SoupMessage and a URI,
maybe we can just expose SoupMessage directly. The problem I see with
this approach is that most of the uses of NetworkResponse and
NetworkRequest are just getting the uri. SoupMessage returns a SoupURI
which is not so convenient to use, because you need to call
soup_uri_to_string() which returns a new allocated string.

 - We can keep both objects, but wrapping the SoupMessage instead of
exposing it, having different implementation depending on whether it's a
request or response. For example webkit_network_response_get_headers()
would return the SoupMessage response_headers.

 - Another option would be merging both objects into a single one,
WebKitNetworkMessage?, since the implementation is mostly the same. We
might add api to know whether it's a request or response (you should
probably always know it from the context, though)

 - We could move the code to a base abstract class WebKitNetworkMessage,
for example, and keep WebKitNetworkRequest and WebKitNetworkResponse as
derived classes. They will be almost empty just providing _new()
methods, similar to GtkBox, GtkVBox and GtkHBox classes in GTK+2.

 - And of course we can do the same we are doing in WebKit1 and expose
both objects having the same implementation just with a different name.

What do you think? any other idea? Second approach is the one I like the
most FWIW.

Carlos Garcia Campos
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