[webkit-gtk] ANNOUNCE: WebKitGTK+ 1.3.13 released

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Mon Mar 21 21:35:29 PDT 2011

On behalf of the WebKitGTK+ team I am pleased to announce WebKitGTK+
1.3.13. This release is the first in a series of releases leading up
to the 1.4.0 stable release.

WebKitGTK+ 1.3.13 is now available for download at:

What's new in WebKitGTK+ 1.3.13?

In this release the GObject DOM Bindings contain a major change. Explicit
invocation of DOM objects' addEventListener methods has replaced the GObject
signal method of DOM event handling. For intance, where before a developer
would connect to the "click-event" signal, a developer must now call:
webkit_dom_event_target_add_event_listener. For a more illustrative example see:

- Added API to control the IconDatabase and the cache database APIs
- Added more API for controlling the application cache
- Added support for spin buttons on <input type=number> elements
- Many other bugfixes

Changes in the WebKit repository paritcularly pertinent to the GTK+
port include:
Bug 23526 - [CAIRO] Support ImageBuffers clip operation on all Cairo
ports (Martin Robinson)
Bug 56180 - [GTK] JSC crashes in 32bit Release bots after r80743
(Martin Robinson)
Bug 56180 - [GTK] JSC crashes in 32bit Release bots after r80743
(Geoffrey Garen)
Bug 49649 - [GTK] On-demand event-listeners for DOM event signals
(David Keijser)
Bug 56333 - [GTK] [WebKit2] The UIProcess never changes the mouse
cursor (Martin Robinson)
Bug 55989 - [GTK] Possible leaks after splitting
TextCheckerClientEnchant. (Ryuan Choi)
Bug 50497 - Add all web audio auto-generated files to GTK make system
(Chris Rogers)
Bug 56180 - [GTK] JSC crashes in 32bit Release bots after r80743
(Sergio Villar Senin)
Bug 55932 - [GTK] close-web-view emitted on disposed WebView (Philippe Normand)
Bug 53098 - [GTK] Implement spin buttons for GTK+ 2.x (Martin Robinson)
Bug 56125 - [GTK] [Webkit2] There are no scrollbars visible in the
MiniBrowser (Martin Robinson)
Bug 41903 - [GTK] plugins/return-negative-one-from-write.html crashes
(Martin Robinson)
Bug 32510 - [GTK] provide an API to control the IconDatabase (Christian Dywan)
Bug 55868 - [GTK] Do not set juntion sides on scrollbar stepper
buttons (Carlos Garcia Campos)
Bug 55866 - [GTK] Use doubles instead of integers for coordinates when
rendering arrows (Carlos Garcia Campos)
Bug 55878 - [Gtk] toDataURL uses incorrect quality value when saving
GdkPixbuf to buffer (Zan Dobersek)
Bug 55531 - [GTK] Windowless plugins override the view cursor (Martin Robinson)
Bug 55136 - Enable Copy Image Address context menu item in the Gtk
port (Christian Dywan)
Bug 53960 - [GTK] DRT needs implementation of
EventSender.scheduleAsynchronousClick (Carlos Garcia Campos)
Bug 55335 - [GTK] Extended application cache database API and added
unit tests file. (Lukasz Slachciak)
Bug 53146 - [GTK] Combo boxes should emit object:selection-changed
even when collapsed (Mario Sanchez Prada)
Bug 55473 - [GTK] Add support for external protocol handlers (Sergio
Villar Senin)
Bug 53228 - [Gtk] Resource size is incorrectly reported to WebCore
(Sergio Villar Senin)
Bug 48510 - [GTK] Implement WebContext and NativeKeyboardEvent classes
for WebKit2 (Amruth Raj)
Bug 48509 - [GTK] Implement WebView and WebKitWebView classes for
WebKit2 (Amruth Raj)
Bug 48510 - [GTK] Implement WebEventFactory, WebErrors classes for
WebKit2 ( Amruth Raj)
Bug 54658 - [gtk] Failing collinear arcTo canvas tests (Zan Dobersek)
Bug 37769 - [Gtk] Flash item placed on wrong location right after load
(Martin Robinson)
Bug 54981 - [GTK] position:fixed elements flicker while scrolling
after r74196 (Martin Robinson)
Bug 56180 - [GTK] JSC crashes in 32bit Release bots after r80743 (Oliver Hunt)
Bug 56737 - [GTK] [Stable] AtkHypertext exposes wrong offsets for
links placed inside <span> nodes (Mario Sanchez Prada)
Bug 56201 - WebKitIconDatabase may trigger crash in
cairoImageSurfaceToGdkPixbuf (Christian Dywan)
Bug 56690 - Stop inserting when the parent is removed (Justin Schuh)


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