[webkit-gtk] dns prefetching knob

Todd T. Fries todd at fries.net
Wed Mar 9 10:09:40 PST 2011

Penned by Martin Robinson on 20110309 10:55.37, we have:
| On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 6:28 AM, Marco Peereboom <slash at peereboom.us> wrote:
| > Hence the knobbing part. ??Some people have legitimate use for it which
| > is of course fine. ??I want it for performance reasons but also to
| > prevent DNS tracking. ??Between DNS prefetching, link hovering and the
| > empty DNS lookups webkit generates one can get near pixel resolution on
| > how the user moves his mouse. ??This comes in handy for "Online
| > Behavioral Tracking". ??Being a practical paranoid I'd like to prevent
| > that.
| Is it possible for you to make the tools you used to generate your
| performance number available publically? This would help us fix any
| performance issues that exist as bugs. This may very well be some
| weird corner case that we're hitting in libsoup. Let's fix it!
| I do not think there is any harm in exposing this setting. I do
| believe that those pushing for it should try to clarify what it is
| though. From what I gather it's effectively two pieces:
| 1. A backport of a Settings.cpp DNS prefetch change to the stable branch.
| 2. New code which exposes this setting in the WebKitWebSettings WebKitGTK+ API.
| Really it should just be the change to WebKitWebSettings and a request
| to merge both changes back into the stable branch. Be aware that we
| are desperately close to cutting the stable branch for 1.4.x.

So is this a request to separate the WebKitWebSettings change and make a
formal request to merge both changes back into the stable branch?

Sounds like a path forward to me.

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