[webkit-gtk] Problem with proxy

Toni Koski toni.koski at firsttechnology.fi
Tue Mar 8 23:11:49 PST 2011


I try to use webkit-gtk with libsoup to get traffic through the proxy. 
Everything seems to work nice and smooth until authentication is used.
When loading the first page, webkit always shows "Proxy Authentication 
Required" - notification on the top of the page. I have also tried it 
with uzbl -browser. It causes same effect. Also same effect with squid 
and apache -proxy servers.
Any ideas?

Sample code:


SoupSession* session = webkit_get_default_session();
soupUri = soup_uri_new(NULL);
soup_uri_set_scheme (soupUri, SOUP_URI_SCHEME_HTTPS);
soupUri = soup_uri_new("http://username:password@");

g_object_set(session, "proxy-uri", soupUri, NULL);
webkit_web_view_load_uri(web_view, url);


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