[webkit-gtk] [libsoup] use of unstable libsoup API in webkit2

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Sun Jun 26 23:53:26 PDT 2011

En 25/06/11 13:05, Monil Parmar escribiu:
> Hi, 
> Iam looking into the webkit2-gtk http request code and i found use of
> *"soup_request_send_async"* libsoup API, that is missing in latest lib
> soup library.
> Is there any alternate implementation/API to for http request?
> I found the user API related to libsoup (soup_request_send_async) for
> http request.
> In libsoup library(2.33.6) This API is under #define
> LIBSOUP_USE_UNSTABLE_REQUEST_API, in file ResourceHandleSoup.cpp
> But in new versions (=>2.4) this API is missing also the
> #define LIBSOUP_USE_UNSTABLE_REQUEST_API is not there.

You mean in older versions right? That API was indeed added during the
2.33.x development cycle so do not expect to find it in 2.4.


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