[webkit-gtk] Signals with default handlers

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Thu Jun 2 17:48:07 PDT 2011

Quoth Armin Burgmeier:
> You can try connecting your handler before the default handler by
> setting the "after" parameter to false when connecting the signal
> handler:
> view.signal_console_message().connect(..., false);

Quoth Kjell Ahlstedt:
> This behavior can be changed by setting the optional argument 'after' in
> connect() to false:
>  m_web_view.signal_console_message().connect(sigc::mem_fun(this,
>  &MyWindow::on_console_message), false); 
> Then your signal handler will be called first. If it returns false, the 
> default signal handler will be called. If your signal handler returns 
> true, the default signal handler is not called.

Thanks, passing false to connect() did the trick.  I think I assumed (evidently incorrectly) that the G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST flag in the signal definition meant either that the last-registered signal handler would be called first or that the default handler would be called last.

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