[webkit-gtk] WebKit2, WebProcess and platformPageClient

Łukasz Ślachciak lukasz.slachciak at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 12:12:16 PDT 2011

Hello All.

Recently I was investigating how clipboard works in WebKit2 GTK.
In fact it doesn't work ;-)

Copying text to clipboard works (because gtk_clipboard_get_for_display 
is called) but pasting causes just GTk-critical errors (because 
helper->getCurrentClipboard(frame) is called).

The problem is that we are missing in WebKit2 
WebChromeClient::platformPageClient() implementation.

it is called by widgetFromFrame() method.

I'm thinking how to resolve this problem.
Should we implement something like:
PlatformPageClient WebChromeClient::platformPageClient() const
     return GTK_WIDGET(webView());
But this is WebProcess and webView() returns 0 here.

Should we try to return widget at UIProcess site?
Any ideas?

I see that platformPageClient() is called many times so this is not 
clipboard problem only.


Lukasz Slachciak

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