[webkit-gtk] Problem with webkit_web_view_new with gtk port

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Tue Feb 1 00:39:23 PST 2011

En 01/02/11 05:44, Monil Parmar escribiu:
> yes as per current design webkit_web_view_new should be with gtk_mail.
> But what is reason behind this?
> Just brief about the scenario iam running:
> As in application gtk_main will be called at the start. And later on
> application will parse the html tags and create the webveiw in another
> thread.
> So looking for any way to create webview in gtk_main loop.
> I tried to use the gdk threads and g_signal_connect to put the create
> the webview in gtk_main thread, but no success. 
> Idea was by call back function of g_signal_connect ill be able to create
> the webview in gtk_main loop.
> Initially i put gtk_main in different thread. Then by g_singal_connect i
> tried to create webview in call back function.

If you want to create the webview from another thread then you have to
use gdk_threads_add_timeout or gdk_threads_add_idle. The callbacks of
those functions will be called inside the main look and the gtk lock so
there you could safely create and show a webview.


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