[webkit-gtk] What supposed to hold the GDK in calls from WebKit/gtk/WebCoreSupport

Yehouda Harpaz yeh at lispworks.com
Fri Aug 19 05:22:18 PDT 2011

We have problems integrating webkit-gtk into a multi0-threaded
application (Lisp IDE). We get "random" errors (i.e. not repeateable)
like the on in the first backtrace below. We suspect it is because of
calls to gdk functions without holding the gdk lock. 

What supposed to hold the lock when
WebKit::ChromeClient::invalidateContentsAndWindow calls

Notes about the backtrace
  a) gdk_window_invalidate_rect tail calls
     gdk_window_invalidate_rect_full which is in the backtrace

  b) The stack beyond g_main_loop_run is not recognized by gdb 
     because it is called from Lisp. 

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