[webkit-gtk] webkit gtk memory leaks

anil v anil.vemulapally at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 09:39:08 PDT 2010

Dear All,

    We are working on webkitGtk( ( with gtk-directfb backend )  and ported
for MIPS platform. We observed there are memory leaks with PNG/JPG image
rendering. I am using webkit-1.2.0 version and i set cache model to *

When I am rendering the 1.3MB PNG image it is consuming around 7MB memory
but after deletion I observed that around 1.3MB memory leak. I enabled cache
dumpstats but there is no images cached.

could you please suggest me is there any patch to avoid image related memory
leaks with webkitGtk. Please help me on this.

Please find the attached sample html which i am using

Thanks In Advance.
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