[webkit-gtk] LayoutTest fonts and itchy trigger fingers

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Fri Sep 17 20:37:17 PDT 2010

Hey all! I'm currently working on fixing some of our major font misbehavior
right now and I've stumbled onto some confusing things about our font setup
(pardon if I've misunderstood anything too greatly):

* The testfonts repo contains many fonts we can't load. These are the SVG
fonts that were/are loaded in Qt via qrc URLs from fonts.css.
* We have no definite fonts defined for cursive and fantasy. For sans,
serif and monospace, we use fonts from the Nimbus families.
* These Nimbus (from the URW foundry) fonts are included in the repo
with many unecessary URW font files. We load them all and we don't need to.
Notice the big chunk of fonts.conf dealing with unimportant URW fonts (ones
that should never be used).

We should either:

1. Switch to the Liberation fonts and pick two reasonable (redistributable and
metric compatible hopefully) choices for cursive and fantasy.
2. Switch to mstcorefonts. This will fill all the gaps, but require people to
install them on their local machine.

Both of these choices will ensure that we are metric compatible with Chromium
and Windows for fonts (except fantasy and cursive for the first
option). If no one
expresses a preference, I will probably write a patch that requires
the Microsoft
fonts to be installed to run layout tests. This will remove the
requirement to set

One more thing: it doesn't look like we load any fonts for indic or cjk
languages. We'll have to add those at some point.


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