[webkit-gtk] HTTP disk-cache support in multiprocess environment, bug 44261

Dan Winship danw at gnome.org
Wed Oct 13 05:35:56 PDT 2010

On 10/13/2010 04:46 AM, Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
> Both of them will happen as you said. Those scenarios were not
> considered during the development process. Take into account that the
> http cache that is currently inside webkit is not meant to be there,
> it's just a temporal fix while all this stuff does not land into
> libsoup. So I don't think that there would be many situations like the
> one you describe. Applications that will take advantage of that would be
> mainly web browsers using webkitgtk, i.e, midori and epiphany.

And, eg, epiphany puts its cache into ~/.cache/epiphany/, so no one else
is going to end up using that cache accidentally.

Having a shared multiprocess cache would definite be nice for some
things, although you don't want to slow down access in the normal case
to get it...

Was there any particular use case you had, or just the general "it would
be nice if different apps could share the same cached data"?

-- Dan

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