[webkit-gtk] webkit-gtk - memory leak?

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Tue Nov 2 04:22:21 PDT 2010

En 02/11/10 09:23, Sergio Villar Senin escribiu:
> En 02/11/10 08:33, Toni Koski escribiu:
>> No effect with g_free(). Still leaking.
>> Yes, I have tested with uzbl also.  With "www.hs.fi" I can see that the
>> used memory increases when the page is reloaded again and again :-(
> Maybe the problem is related to the new HTTP cache we added recently.
> Even if you do not use it, you'll be using the new stream based loading
> code needed by cache. I can help with that, just ping me (sergio) on IRC.

After investigating a little bit it seems that it's not cache's issue.
BTW running your example with valgrind gives me the following outcome
after 5 reloads:

==23248== LEAK SUMMARY:
==23248==    definitely lost: 8,804 bytes in 36 blocks
==23248==    indirectly lost: 21,540 bytes in 1,051 blocks
==23248==      possibly lost: 1,206,326 bytes in 9,118 blocks
==23248==    still reachable: 758,669 bytes in 4,566 blocks
==23248==         suppressed: 14,516 bytes in 270 blocks

This includes all the libraries used by webkitgtk. There is only 8k of
definitely lost memory. After 20 reloads I got this:

==23488==    definitely lost: 12,817 bytes in 86 blocks
==23488==    indirectly lost: 28,500 bytes in 1,387 blocks
==23488==      possibly lost: 1,404,947 bytes in 9,443 blocks
==23488==    still reachable: 1,051,558 bytes in 4,774 blocks
==23488==         suppressed: 15,988 bytes in 297 blocks

So 12k of definitely lost memory after 20 reloads. Most of the possibly
lost stuff is related to font handling as far as I saw. What is the
"huge" leak you identified? What tools are you using?


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