[webkit-gtk] win32: XSLT style sheets crash webkitgtk

Jean-Philippe Chancelier jpc at cermics.enpc.fr
Wed May 26 03:51:11 PDT 2010

    Anselm> I managed to build the current svn (rev 59617) version of webkit
    Anselm> using a current msys/mingw. I know about
    Anselm> https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30508 and the recent
    Anselm> discussion about libxslt here on this list.
    Anselm> Now I have the following Problem: apparently xslt style sheets cause
    Anselm> webkit to crash on win32, but not on Linux. My test case:
    Anselm> GtkLauncher.exe 

    Anselm> GtkLauncher.exe http://de.selfhtml.org/xml/darstellung/anzeige/gruss.xml
    Anselm> My question: is anybody able to open this page under windows?

    Seams to work for me when runing my win32 version through wine. 
    I see a red <<hallo welt!>> on the page.
    I am using a cross compiled version with webkit-1.2.0 source.


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