[webkit-gtk] how to download

EBerry-EdBook aagarwal at eberry.in
Thu May 20 04:37:28 PDT 2010

i am using WebKitGTK+ for making my own browser in gtk+ C language .

i want to start download services in my browser. so to do that i have
activated the download event of webkitwebview , it's call back gave me a
pointer of webkitdownload . but I don't know how to use that ???
i have set the  URL of webkitdownload and called the function
then it shows me error 

 CRITICAL **: void webkit_download_start(WebKitDownload*): assertion
`priv->timer == NULL' failed

(a.out:3103): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_output_stream_write_all: assertion
`G_IS_OUTPUT_STREAM (stream)' failed


someone please tell me how to use that , i am also confused how it will
make a file and save that downloaded stream in that file


EBerry-EdBook <aagarwal at eberry.in>

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