[webkit-gtk] webkit-gtk on macosx with gtk-quartz

Eric Le Lay elelay at macports.org
Thu May 6 23:59:09 PDT 2010

Hello list,

given a couple of patches (and choosing the pango font rendering),
  I am able to build and (even ;-)) run webkit-gtk using the quartz 
backend of GTK in MacPorts.
The ticket is here : https://trac.macports.org/ticket/24622

I had to patch WebCore/plugins/gtk/PluginViewGtk.cpp in order to #undef 
XP_UNIX, which should not go upstream,
but also to (see 
   - #include "NotImplemented.h"
   - move around some #ifdef XP_UNIX, so that the file compiles.
These changes should, to my mind be applied upstream.

I also completely disabled WebCore/plugins/gtk/gtk2xtbin.c

Now, I would like to know what the consequences my patches are : plugin 
support will be broken, I suppose.
Is it the only issue ?


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