[webkit-gtk] Root (accessible) element in WebKitGtk+

Diego Escalante Urrelo diegoe at gnome.org
Mon May 3 22:56:01 PDT 2010

El jue, 29-04-2010 a las 11:10 +0200, Mario Sanchez Prada escribió:
> However, as I can extract from the (a11y) tests, the root element should
> return instead the a11y object associated to the root of the document
> being rendered, which seems to be the <body> element, as far as I can
> understand from other similar tests.

Perhaps you already saw the tests in WebKit/gtk/tests/. Take
testatkroles.c for example (simplified):

doc = gtk_widget_get_accessible(fixture->webView);
// This is an extraneous object of ATK_ROLE_PANEL which we should get
rid of.
obj = atk_object_ref_accessible_child(doc, 0);
child = atk_object_ref_accessible_child(obj, 0);
// Check child's role and etc

I have the impression this "extraneous object" is the one you have found
and are trying to remove.

The comment comes originally from Joanmarie, she probably can confirm
that the object is indeed the same and whether it's useless or not.

Hope this is related and not just a noisy email ;).

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