[webkit-gtk] Regarding Scrolling in WebkitGtk webview

AshokKumar G ashok.sysprogrammer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 18:34:00 PST 2010

        I am using webkitgtk port(webkit-1.1.10 from www.webkitgtk.org ) on
DirectFB target. I created an UI with the option to browse. In the browser's
webview when the data is too large, then it is creating ScrollBars. When I
use scroll bar to go down to the page the data at the bottom of the webview
is not getting refreshed.

       Means, what ever data is at the bottom of webview initially, that
data is only getting rendered when used scroll bar to go through down the
page. After that when I use scroll bar to go up, then the data is getting
rendered properly.

Could somebody help me on this?

Thanks & Regards
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