[webkit-gtk] LIVE video playback

Hamza Awais hamzaa at kth.se
Mon Jan 11 04:31:34 PST 2010

Thanks for your replies - Philippe/Michael

Just for my own understanding

This stream solution [1] works on iphone-safari without any plugin.
Also Palm has built WebOS with WebKit browser which supports stream-based playback [2] (which i am assuming also shows video within the browser)

Why WebKit/GTK doesnt support in browser Streaming playback is because it is not part of media specification and it can be easily moved into browser if the specification changes in future (correct me if i am wrong) .
Why iphone/palmWebOS supports in-browser playback of streaming media  -  (i dont really get it but maybe it is because its their own handheld devices and they can do anything with it ...)


[1] http://iphone.livestream.com
[2] http://www.weboshelp.net/getting-started-with-webos/177-webos-and-gstreamer
From: Michael A. Peters [mpeters at mac.com]
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 12:01 PM
To: Hamza Awais
Cc: Philippe Normand; webkit-gtk at lists.webkit.org
Subject: Re: [webkit-gtk] LIVE video playback

Hamza Awais wrote:
> Hi Philippe
> By LIVE/Streaming, i mean some thing like LIVE Broadcast stream (a TV
> channel stream) ... I know there is support for static file
> (http://url/file.ogg) playback in browsers with HTML5 support but
> what can we also play live stream-based source? like ustream.tv
> (provided the source supports non-flash streaming)

I don't believe live streaming is part of the html 5 media
specification, so it probably is best done with an object tag so a
browser plugin could handle it.

There is a totem browser plugin, for example, that may work if GStreamer
supports the stream.

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